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Comprehensive Site Plan

Erosion & Sediment Control 

Stormwater Management

Traffic Impact Analysis (TIA)

Public Access Permit

Report Construction Site Issues 

To report construction site issues concerning erosion and sediment control problems or storm water run-off, please call the Department of Planning and Community Development at 540-432-7700.


Comprehensive Site Plan

Procedures, applications and forms for site plan review:

PDF[178KB] Comprehensive Site Plan Review Procedures

PDF[46KB] Comprehensive Site Plan Review Application

Design and Construction Standards Manual (DCSM) - provides design and construction standards. Additional checklists, forms, and templates are available.

PDF[13KB] Fire Chief Review Application

PDF[1.3MB] Hydrological Unit Codes map for the City of Harrisonburg

PDF[66KB] Schedule Agreement for Public Facilities


Erosion & Sediment Control

Questions regarding land disturbance and stormwater management permits can be answered by the Engineering Division at 540-432-7700.

Visit the Municipal Code websiteExternal Link to view the City's Erosion and Sedimentation OrdinanceExternal Link.

PDF[2.58MB] Erosion and Sediment Control: A Guide for Single Family Dwellings in the City of Harrisonburg

PDF[72KB] Erosion and Sediment Control procedure Letter to builders, contractors, developers, engineers and excavators explaining new procedures

Virginia Erosion and Sediment Control and Stormwater Management Law, Regulations, and Certification Regulations - Please visit the Department of Environmental Quality website for complete and up-to-date state documents.


Stormwater Management Documents

Stormwater Management Ordinance on the City Code Website 

Related documents:

PDF[69KB] Land Disturbing Permit Application

PDF[686KB] Agreement in Lieu of an Erosion and Sediment Control Plan

PDF[418KB] Agreement in Lieu of Stormwater Management Plan

PDF[1.1MB] BMP (Best Management Practice) Maintenance and Inspection Checklist



Traffic Impact Analysis (TIA) Documents 

Contact the Department of Public Works at 540-434-5928.

PDF[469KB] Traffic Impact Analysis Review Procedures

PDF[84KB] Determination of Need for a Traffic Impact Analysis

PDF[42KB] Traffic Impact Analysis Review Fee Form

Microsoft Word Icon[148KB] Pre-Scope of Work Meeting Form



Public Access Permit Application

Contact the Department of Public Works at 540-434-5928.

A public access permit is a free permit that must be obtained before any work is performed in the City's public street right-of-way (ROW). Any person, partnership or corporation wishing to repair, modify, install or construct any facility including, but not limited to, entrances, utilities, new street connections and the like, within the ROW of any City street, whether or not such street is constructed, shall first obtain a Public Access Permit from the Department of Public Works. The permit application is provided below. The applicant for such permit shall, prior to the issuance of the permit, submit a site plan conforming to the requirements of the City Engineer. The permit application process applies to all and any planned work of any party that is of a non-emergency nature. Installation of any utility in existing streets shall comply with the Design and Construction Standards Manual.

PDF[94KB] Public Access Permit