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The City of Harrisonburg has a permit parking system in place for many residential areas within the city limits and is designated by various colored zones. These permits and passes may be purchased from the City Treasurer in the Municipal Building (540-432-7705).

Neighborhood permit parking zones are enforced by the Harrisonburg Police Department (540-434-2545).


PDF[5MB] Map of Parking Permit Area - Parking Permit ordinance approved by City Council on November 12, 2013.


  1. Willow Street is now in the ?green zone?
  2. The bright yellow line is also new and on-street parking is not permitted in this area


There are certain areas of the City that are designated as permit parking zones. These areas are posted accordingly.  It is unlawful to park in these areas unless a valid parking permit or guest card is visibly displayed in the window of the vehicle. 

These permits are required and can be purchased with EITHER: proof of ownership of property(s), OR a valid rental agreement confirming address/name of tenant(s), PLUS valid vehicle registration. Parking permits are $3.00 per permit, per vehicle and guest cards are free limited to two per household.



PDF[86KB] 13-1-60, 13-1-60.01, 13-1-62 and 13-1-63 - Adopted City Code 2-12-13

PDF[644KB] Changes Made to Parking Permits Press Release

In February 2013, City Council voted to change the cycle of which the parking permits expired. Parking permits now run on a cycle of July 1 through June 30 of the following year. Residents with a month-to-month lease are also now able to obtain guest parking passes.

Another change is that two existing parking zones have new colors to reflect the specific areas. The area of Greenbriar Drive is now a gold zone and the area of Weaver Avenue is now a brown zone.