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Dodgeball PlayerRegistration for the 2016 season will open on December 8, 2015 at 8:00am. Registration will close when the league reaches its 8 team maximum.  

The season will begin in January and end in March.  Games will be played at the National Guard Readiness Center

This league strives to capture the enjoyment of the individuals participating in the league, while also considering their health and safety. Many of the rules in this league are based on the "honor system".  This is meant to be a social league where players come to have fun, so please do not be the individual to disrupt this principle. Find a set of rules below. 

This league is open to individuals 18 years and older, and is $125 per team.  If interested please contact Erik Dart at 540-433-9168 or


PDF[165KB] 2016 Dodgeball Final Standings

PDF[170KB] Rules and Regulations

PDF[87KB] Dodgeball Roster and Waiver Sheet

PDF[184KB] 2015 Dodgeball Final Standings

PDF[170KB] 2014 Dodgeball Final Standings

PDF[156KB] 2013 Dodgeball Final Standings


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